Bart Bonte

independent game designer
Aalter, Belgium BTW BE-0819666430

Web and mobile game development. I'm selling branded versions of my games and customising my games to your needs. Get in touch!

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Games blog is where I blog about new interesting web games and my own new games.

Where is cat?

Factory balls

“a perfect fit for the small screen, refreshingly tricky” (pocketgamer)

“Factory Balls is an essential iOS game, I loved this game so much that I wanted it to go on and on and on” (indiestatik)

Sugar, sugar

“A simple idea so sweetly designed your cup will soon overfloweth with fun” (jayisgames)


“Addictive puzzles to hurt your brain” (indie game magazine)

Sweet Drmzzz

“Elegant, charming, challenging, Sweet Drmzzz is a masterclass in simple and intuitive game design” (pocketgamer)

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My browser games can be fully customised with your branding to suit your needs.
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