a bontegames interview with ... MINOTO

Welcome to the first episode in a new series of interviews with game designers, answering questions from bontegames readers.
We are starting off with perhaps the most mysterious game designer featured on www.bontegames.com: Minoto.
It was very hard for me to track down Minoto and I appreciate he took the time to answer your questions, even though he's not clearing up all mysteries :)
Also keep in mind that Minoto is Japanase and does not speak English...
So let's hear it for ... Minoto!

Who is Minoto? Can you tell a bit more about yourself? Are you 1 person or a team?


Where do you get ideas for your games? What inspires you?

Comics, a movie, etc.

How long does it take you to create one game? Do you have a fixed process to make a game?

In creation of a game it takes the time for one week or more.
A big game takes two weeks.

Is it hard to create a new game each week? Do you ever have a writers block?

It is somewhat difficult.

A lot of your fans love the 'quirky' English translation. How do you translate your games in English?

I am using this site http://translate.google.co.jp/

Is the game creation your main job or only a hobby?

It is a hobby.
My main occupation is a web designer.

Your games often make use of elements from children's stories. Is your main goal to entertain children or adults?

It has not been decided.

Many of your games seem to be loosely based on famous fairy tales/folk tales. What's your all time favorite story and why?

I like an old tale.
That is because nature is felt.

What is your favourite character you created in your games and why? What is your favourite game you created and why?

Santa Claus
Raccoon dog

Will your games ever have multiple endings again? When there is 'only one ending' is that true or are there hidden endings?

I will try hard from now on.

A lot of people liked the little poems or descriptions at the end of your games. Will you start adding them to your games again?

It was got to know for the first time.
However, it is difficult to translate Japanese.

Is there a sense of irony or humor in your games that you think makes more sense in your country than elsewhere in the world?

The humor of a game is for Japan.

What tools/programs do you use to make your games?

Macromedia Flash
Mac mini

You have a pay game 'MY HOUSE' advertised on your site, can tell us about it please?

It may become no charge.

Do you play other Flash games? What are your favourites games or game type?

Flashgame is enjoyed briefly.
The game which playing likes is RTS.
I also enjoy an adventure game.

What's your favourite movie/book/music? Which other creative artists do you like?

I like a police drama.
Sir Arthur Charles Clarke
Isaac Asimov
Dvorak Antonin

Do you have a large family?

It is average family structure.

When did you start designing games? What made you decide to start making games?

When I was still teens, mac came to the house. There was no flash then. The adventure game was made from HyperCard. The capacity of the hard disk was used for the maximum. I was interested in game generation.
The opportunity to open a game to more human beings by the spread of the Internet was obtained.

Have you traveled much, lived outside of Japan?


What is your favourite colour?


What is your favourite animal?


What is your favourite food?


What are you future plans for your game making career?

There is nothing in particular...